Friday, July 24, 2009


Welcome to "Sew" Willow Designs. My business started one day because my oldest daughter came home with a little "purse" from a friend on her bus. I told her it was not something she could keep and would have to give it back. She was disappointed. But I assured her that the next morning we could go to the Fabric store and her and her sister and their friend could all pick out some fabric and I could make them each a little purse. I did and they loved them. With that I started to make some more and was encouraged by my husband and friends to expand my options. I found a cute little duffel bag in a magazine and thought, "I could make a bag like that!" And so I did. Some of my bags and purses are made with a pattern but a lot of them I just visualize my design and start sewing. With that being said, the sizes may vary slightly. If you like any of my designs but would like a different fabric, you can place a special order. I will be updating my site regularly with new designs and styles. Thanks for your interest in "Sew" Willow Designs!